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Let Me

Let me have life

And let me be clean,

Let me find meaning in everything.

Let me climbing out

Of the bowels of hell

Become a story I’ll someday tell.

Let this world of hardship

Be wiped away 

Or let me at least

Find small joys in my days.

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We are seven wheels turning,
Plus a few more seldom mentioned.
From the macro to the micro,
Clockwise is key.
Until the spinning stops
And all that’s sentient drops.


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For so long,
My words have been
Echos and
My voice,
Clouds of steam.
My handwriting,
Little labyrinths
That no one can read.
I’ve forgotten
What my center
Is supposed
To feel like.
I’ve been living
In the margins
Of my own life.

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Religious Teachers

Thanks a lot, all of you, for neglecting to reassure me that I’m sane. I owe you guys big time.
Actually, it may have just been a good idea to ignore me. I’m pretty sure it was that damn baked potato’s fault. I’ve got a couple more uncooked potatoes. I plan on binding and interrogating them. Perhaps make one watch while I plunge a fork into its tater-mate. Good times.

I wanted to share a quote I memorized by some crazy Swedish guy. He was actually a troll on a Smashing Pumpkins forum about ten years ago. I haven’t seen him since. Called himself CrowdServer. My fellow forum members never really appreciated him the way I did. I thought he was fucking hilarious, with deep thoughts he couldn’t quite translate. I love this quote. If truly understood, you won’t be sure whether to laugh or think so hard your brain explodes.
(Hopefully this is word for word, though there may be a few errors.)

A religious teacher tells the following short story:

Suppose a big machine presses your whole body fast into a small ball. So hard that it hasn’t got empty spaces in it. What have you become in that small fully full ball in which any movement is impossible? Is it the miracle called nothing that has always been nothing? Or is it the miracle the living one inside something where nothing can happen?
The news already mentioned a quick death, so as one sees one can only choose a miracle. And how do you treat from out of all miracles who all just constantly do their job or the same? The one that sees to it that the one that makes you nothing doesn’t exist, as is presently constantly the case.

A good or bad religion teacher?

Mind blown? It damn well better be. So a good or bad teacher? If you ask me, an awful teacher. Would have made a better philosopher, or perhaps an even better message board troll. Most people can’t grasp the scope of meaning derived from these two short paragraphs.
How about you?

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Spent breath for sin,
Beginning when the dusk
Crept in.

It can’t be rape,
Just long mistakes.

It’s not too late.

But love
Was wasted
On the dead
Before life
Could rear
Its fattened head.

(I should probably stop hauling my journal around or I'll be scribbling crappy poetry all night; spamming the fine people here on WordPress.)

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Zeus’s Eagle

The sleep wore off when
The medication did.
We all enjoy what’s
Most hard to find.

And sleeping I think
must be like death.
While dreaming
is something like life.

Interspersed and
quite disturbing.

But still by day I wonder
with beastly appetite,
Is there nothing left for wanting
to awaken from such flight?

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Giving In

For some life comes free and easy
While others pay for it every day.
Who’s paying? Who’s giving?
Is life a debt to be dismayed?
Or a hallowed blessing sunshine ray?
But fear isn’t a part of giving in.
When you realize you’ve overpaid
and the credit offers come flowing in.
But all fortune’s bound to fade.
So long as you keep giving in,
Life will cash in all your fears,
Shit them out and dry your tears.



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