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There is only imitation

In grains of matter;

In rays of spattered light.

Nothing you could

Dare to scatter

Or enrapture in my life.

So I say goodbye 

Though I commend you for trying.

I’ve come to like

These empty rooms

And echoes like tombs.

Wouldn’t you?

I think I’d rather

Be alone.

Don’t come around,

There’s no one home.



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Minty Fresh

I’m on fire like the sun

And I’m hollow as the moon,

So say the wise if I ring out of tune.

And every wayward drunken misstep

Was just the song of my regret,

And all that monkey business

Were oscillations caught between us

Tolling death.

I think I’d rather have

The Minty Fresh.

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In the dark

I relax.

Unlike in the light. .

When my soul reacts

And all my miniscule

And lofty flaws

Cast shadows on the wall

Over ten feet tall.

This is my space

And with my disgrace

I sleep, I live,

With nothing but the me,

The useless me

To give.

A broken thing.

A compressed scream.

There is no one roundabout 

Or here,

To make my downfall

Any more clear.

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Set free at last.

Me to the future,

You to the past.

Separated by years and years,

But I see you on the telly

And I’ve tasted your tears.

I’m there in your heart

And you’re in mine.

There is no touch,

But I see me in

Your mind,

And mine in yours.

I guess it will have 

To be sufficient

If you and I

Are not to forget it.

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Beyond Empty

There is emptiness in longing too,
It’s evident to see.
Like the blue-red flame
that seeks mass
But will never be.
Or the room under the stairs
Too deep for the light to seek.
The tree too far afield
To ever spread its seed.
There is emptiness in longing too.
But I’ve moved beyond empty.

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Waiting at the god damn doctor’s office.

Gazes met
For moments unfurled,
To see the face of meaning.
A desire to inquire
Unruly worlds
And empty words.
To destroy any end’s beginning.
Yours are the only
Eyes I’ve returned
For the thousand years
For which I’ve yearned,
A love unearned
Is bound to burn,
Without repenting.
Where are we now?
In labyrinthine sound.
Hope can’t be lost
Where love is found.


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