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An idea of infinity

Let theory come about

That times change without 


Dreaming is

The only way to keep

The ghosts at bay.

While you conjure

Imagination creates

Some other world lost

In my head.

There must be universes in there

She said.

And I laughed but

Something about it

Wasn’t funny.


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In the dark

I relax.

Unlike in the light. .

When my soul reacts

And all my miniscule

And lofty flaws

Cast shadows on the wall

Over ten feet tall.

This is my space

And with my disgrace

I sleep, I live,

With nothing but the me,

The useless me

To give.

A broken thing.

A compressed scream.

There is no one roundabout 

Or here,

To make my downfall

Any more clear.

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Such a noble imitation takes years.

As the past was once
And never becomes,
Let my road be straight.
Let me spill my blood
Upon heavens gate.
Let my heart lose its beat
For all that is lost or cold
Or empty.
If the clock and my eyes
Tell the truth all at once,
Then the sun’s coming up.
But not for me
With my mind nightingly
In this old blue truck
Too tired to carry me.
Not in Kansas anymore.
Rivers red landslide.
I change my mind.
And I open the door.

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(N)ow (O)nly (T)he (H)eaviest (I)ntellects (N)eed (G)rief

Such heartfelt
In intelligent
Guises. . .
Can’t find them anywhere.

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