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You touched my

Hair and kissed my

Nose and I’m

Enamoured of


If there’s

Anything you see in


What I saw within

You grew.

Your eyes

Shine snowflakes

In lazy summer solar


I’d die

If I could

Spend the time caught

In your starstruck 

Besides, you know,

We all die anyway.
Don’t leave but

You did though

You said you’d be


I’m all 


My melon


You’re the

Needle in the




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Yin and Yang

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January 28, 17 · 7:33 PM

An idea of infinity

Let theory come about

That times change without 


Dreaming is

The only way to keep

The ghosts at bay.

While you conjure

Imagination creates

Some other world lost

In my head.

There must be universes in there

She said.

And I laughed but

Something about it

Wasn’t funny.

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Mass Grave

For the nightmare of all dreamers

And of a monster’s dream,

Meant to murder all your townsfolk

Lured alone to the scene,

The disaffected stars are gone

In the places no one’s ever been. .

(or, in that case, will never be again)
Tried but true,

Blamed and bruised.

We may know the difference

Between love and abuse,

But walls come up

And walls crash down

And dirt is thrown over

The residents of town.

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The purest form of love

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January 6, 17 · 2:10 AM


Set free at last.

Me to the future,

You to the past.

Separated by years and years,

But I see you on the telly

And I’ve tasted your tears.

I’m there in your heart

And you’re in mine.

There is no touch,

But I see me in

Your mind,

And mine in yours.

I guess it will have 

To be sufficient

If you and I

Are not to forget it.

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Heaven Knows

What triggers the alarm for me

Is the long lost law of infinity

That shines in your eyes

When you wake from sleep

And you’re countless conscious

fathoms deep.

It’s no surprise

The tide will rise,

And heaven knows

How hard I tried. . .

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My Mintkey. Her Johnny.


My Mintkey
Her Johnny
Our love.
What stars above
Have felt
The brightness shine
As herself?
Monument to all
That we’re meant
To live for,
Or else.
Even though
She barely
Trumps an elf
On the floor.


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A jewel among

The muck and the slime

A most perfect portrait 

Of innocence 

Sent from the divine.

She is love incarnate 

And I know

Oh I know

I can never let her go.

I will forego my meals

To see she is full.

My cat. My love…

When I feel your body cold 

There will be every reason 

For me to let go.


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Cannot Stand It

A house divided against itself.

Love or fear;

Which will prevail?

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