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On Being a Tree

We may never truly know
With our constant need to control
What it’s like to be a tree
With sinking roots and budding leaves.
Every inch completely prone
To every thunderbolt that’s thrown,
Every flood and every drought
Without a means of getting out.
Every creature passing through
Can tear its life from whence it grew
And leave its offspring in the dirt.
We may never know the bitter hurt
Expressed through sweetest seeping sap
From every point where branches snap.
Is this some sort of knowing trust
Or a constant fear that can’t adjust
To nature’s sway?
It would seem this way.
We may never truly know
Until our leaves have all let go.

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Almost Blooming

You will all probably be seeing a lot more posts like these. I love the smell of the earth and the sound of the wind as it shivers through the trees. Today is so nice, I had to take my jacket off. Rudie is the perfect companion. He keeps up. When I stop, he sits and chills with me. I never knew a cat could behave like that. It’s a good bonding experience.
I stumbled on a herd of deer. The enacted an instant retreat. I’ve found where they like to sleep, and where they drink, and I’m beginning to learn where they might be found and when. I try to keep a respectful distance, but we’re still busy surprising each other. Maybe one day they will accept me into the herd.


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Rudie and I decided to take a little walk in the woods. It’s a nice day despite the clouds and moisture. Very therapeutic.

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Some kind of communion.

Today despite the cold I suited up so Rudie and I could make a pilgrimage to my favorite ash tree.


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All I had was my phone camera, but I got to watch some deer just now. Nice and peaceful.

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Musical Nature

Tired lands;
Soundwaves of
Tired songs.

Bracing for Winter.
But the brace has
Remained too long.

EQ slightly off . . .

Phase cancellations
Have an ending
To pull off.

Quiescent leaves
Throw the spark off the weave.

Winter is coming
For a landscape bereaved.

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I Need a Gardener/Landscaper/Lumberjack

Just snapping more pointless photos with my dinosaur Kodak digital camera.
Briley was right. At this rate it won’t be long before the forest consumes it all. In my defense, it was like this when I first bought the place. I’ve just been too damn lazy and preoccupied to do anything about it. Plus, I actually like it this way. It has a certain charm, don’t you think?

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Trees and Crap and Cat Shadows

I need to make a habit of walking in the forest, now it doesn’t frighten me anymore. I think Rudie would agree.

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Baby Bunnies

Mother nature’s
Extremely cruel.
She may administer
Her own
Brand of analgesic.
But not enough
For her insistent
Upon her own
Fluffy bunnies.

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