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There is only imitation

In grains of matter;

In rays of spattered light.

Nothing you could

Dare to scatter

Or enrapture in my life.

So I say goodbye 

Though I commend you for trying.

I’ve come to like

These empty rooms

And echoes like tombs.

Wouldn’t you?

I think I’d rather

Be alone.

Don’t come around,

There’s no one home.



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What’s low when
Mind matter finds rot
And jiggles like sludge?
Where do I go
When consciousness
Wants to be alone?
Where do I hide
When the lights are too bright
And my rusted bleeding scars are shown?
How do I write
When the woman beside me
Is talking on the phone?

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Tibetan Monks

In the morning
They’d descend the hill
To beg for food.
By choice, I’d been told,
But not by them.

They are silent.

And Silence
Is an empty bowl.

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