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Set free at last.

Me to the future,

You to the past.

Separated by years and years,

But I see you on the telly

And I’ve tasted your tears.

I’m there in your heart

And you’re in mine.

There is no touch,

But I see me in

Your mind,

And mine in yours.

I guess it will have 

To be sufficient

If you and I

Are not to forget it.


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Speed Demon

Speed demon elevated,
Repeatedly trialed.
Twice juries have known
How his life’s been vile.

This time, however
His movement’s too fast
And the judge can’t tell
A meter from a mile.

The demon just smiles.

Light is his pleasure
And he’ll be racing to catch her.
To feel her at last.

Her speed he must match.

The love of his life
Only speed demon’s past.

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