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Wash, rinse, repeat, repeat. . .

Time’s no circle 

But it rhymes.

I bet my last minutes

And a dime.

There is no limit

To how long we die

And no faith in it

To ask how or why.

Birth is to begin

A drawn out end

And no validation

To the pain of elimination.

I can’t get there fast enough

When the rivers run dry

And the road is rough.


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Still Souls to Me

What herbalist identified
The meaning of a tree?
Its sway and rise
And the drill-tap of roots,
Sinking back to an age
When meaning wandered off.


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Into Evening

So sings the evening
Of an old age receding
Into nothing left repeating
On and on.

Fading light contrasted
To the green that never lasted
Throughout time’s empty passage
To the dawn.

My continuance is done
Although words are left unsung
I’ve been running out of sun
And shades are drawn.

Now I limp my way to bed
Empty heart and empty head
Grieving for the life I’ve led
Those days are gone.

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We are seven wheels turning,
Plus a few more seldom mentioned.
From the macro to the micro,
Clockwise is key.
Until the spinning stops
And all that’s sentient drops.


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Time All Along

Time has taken by force
All the willing to comply,
And unmasked the actor
Who was willing and ready
To take by force
All the forces
Beyond his touch.
The wind and the sky
And the deep blue waters
Were only chased
On silver heels
Without petition
To the clutches of time.

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On Loss

Loss still lurks
In dark corners.
Planning all the while
To strike.
She stays a guest
Refused and denied
A thousand of thousands of times.

Loss sure isn’t
Close to home.
Loss sleeps in our beds
Even when
We spread our wings
To fill the space
Of some queen-size thing.

Loss isn’t hurting
For miles or inches.
She has no need
For beggar’s charm.
How could she?

Loss is nothing more
Than the mere
Of time.
Making long and lonely
Fools of us all.

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Standing up for Nothing

Stark derivatives,
Semiotic Drifts.
You try to wrap your head
Before the moment can lift.

But something
Stands for nothing
In a place like this.


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Too Slowly

Enigmatic ends
Replace what’s left of you.

Your head spins.
Your mind aches.

Your patience

Time drags


the floor.

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Canned Meat

Meat in a can.

Because boredom
And it’s just
My luck

that I’m all
In cimmerian

Who will
Be my
One and

Allay such a
Of sand?

Would you
To swing by
For some
In a can?


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Some Sort of Heaven

Hourglass_by_LekaTheSnakeI want to melt into you
  Lest you shrink from me again.
I want to rest inside you
  Knowing that I’m with you
  At least for eternity,
And that we’ve planned on
  Going  onwards  from  there.

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