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On Being a Tree

We may never truly know
With our constant need to control
What it’s like to be a tree
With sinking roots and budding leaves.
Every inch completely prone
To every thunderbolt that’s thrown,
Every flood and every drought
Without a means of getting out.
Every creature passing through
Can tear its life from whence it grew
And leave its offspring in the dirt.
We may never know the bitter hurt
Expressed through sweetest seeping sap
From every point where branches snap.
Is this some sort of knowing trust
Or a constant fear that can’t adjust
To nature’s sway?
It would seem this way.
We may never truly know
Until our leaves have all let go.


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I find the trees hypnotically beautiful today.


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Woodsy Strolls and All That Jazz

Here’s more good news: I’m not afraid of the forest anymore. Most people can’t imagine how horrifying it is to hallucinate in a wild place; A green Maze. Seeing monsters climbing trees and snakes falling from the sky. I wouldn’t recommend it.
But now? I’m rounding the corner of a week with no hallucinations whatsoever. I would never have believed I could go so long in sanity land.
I may not be a normal person by any means . . . but I’m me. I’m me and I’m not sick anymore. Not right now. That shit pleases the hell outta me.

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Your deosil dance
Has only served
To make me dizzy.
I’d rather just avoid it.

In fact
I’ve been busy enough
Sparking communion
With your dancing tree
Since you began.

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My cats Rudie and Mintkey, and some backyard porn. From one who never claimed to be a cat person. . .or even a photographer. I’m unable to get any inside pictures of the forest right now as every set of trees looks like some sort of monster. Every falling twig an auditory reason to panic. This happens, and then it passes.

Rudie is a fourth generation Bengal* who thinks he owns the wild. We’ve got fifty acres of forest looming over our house. I’m afraid there are bigger things than him out there and I worry about his discretion. There are of course deer and wild turkey which I’ve had the privilege of watching him stalk from a safe distance. There was a time during the snow that I trailed a set of turkey tracks, followed by some very telltale Rudie prints, for what seemed like a great distance. 

Though there are creatures posing a bigger threat to him than deer and turkey. Raccoons, skunks, opossums. . .I caught a lucky glimpse of a gray fox cutting through my backyard many weeks ago. They could all give the Rudester a run for his money. Likely no fight to the death.

I’ve never really seen or heard coyotes though they’re common in this part of the country. Get this: my roommate has seen a large bobcat about 30 acres down our street. He’s sighted it in the road twice as he was driving just in time to see it retreat into the brush. He claims it’s at least twice Rudie’s size, so we’re estimating a good 40-50 lbs. My rommate is not one to lie.

That’s the sort of thing I worry about. I really ought to do some research and determine the typical size of one bobcat’s territory. I’ve never seen him around here per se, but felines hold the record for most awards for dodginess.

Ok, so I’m a sucker for my cats. Deal with it!

The cats are probably smarter than you are. 

(Unless you don’t give a fuck how I feel about my cats and think this whole post is a waste of time. In that case, disregard the above statement. You are indeed smarter than my cats.)




*Edit: Rue is actually half fourth gen Bengal; half your regular, generic house cat. He’s not a pure breed as my sleepy mind may have led some to believe. Onward. . .

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