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Picnics and Shit

Briley and I went to the LBL Nature Center today. Had a picnic and checked out all the animals. I normally don’t like seeing things in cages, but these were all rescues so I suppose it’s all right.

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The Serpent

This is my wandering lonesome backyard stroll. Where is my cat? He sits in the vines, pawing at lines. He’s out to kill again tonight, but something here, well, it’s not quite right. I practically bow with nose in the dirt to pry a bit. Nosy indeed. Looking to maybe save the life of some poor helpless thing.
Instead, and lo, I behold a serpent–long as my arms can feign to fly–capable of little more than striking fear into stoic minds. Tail and leaf repeated collisions make rattlers of harmless constrictor tips. There is no room for fear here; and so it must be subdued, cradled and returned to that holy green mother; far from darting eyes and frightened footfalls.
I seek out my cane: a blind man’s eyes. My serpent wrangling shepherd’s staff device.
Alas, for upon my return, the serpent is gone. So is my cat.

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Jumping on this Throwback Thursday Train

Here’s some forest porn–better quality pictures–from times over the last year in a half that my fear left me and I managed some adventures. Hope you like.

Since I can’t write three lines without complaining: I’ve had a fifteen hour migraine. It’s not severe, but my concentration is dead. I really need to borrow a shovel. Anyone?

Also I have no Idea what’s happening here.

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