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Dead of night


Not a star in mine eyes.


By a goddess


And in white.

She nails me.

To a tree.

My heart caves empty.

Her touch

Is too shocking.

My pain

And my sweat

Recoil my offering.

She attacks.

My heart pulls back.

The moon 


She shows no reaction.

Her cover 

Is blown.


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My Cat the Bulldozer

140819_0000 (2)


Yes, Rudie did this. 

140810_0021 (2)


And I had a vision of this twenty pound ball of muscle and attitude crashing through the little wooden separating fence. Nonchalantly. 

He’s walking to the door to get a treat. He’s got his slow, you’ll-have-to-wait Rudester strut going on. Tail high in the air. He walks through the fence as if it isn’t there. Splinters of wood crashing around him like some bad video game effect. He doesn’t notice. Stride doesn’t break. Tail still raised in triumph. He gets a treat. I’ll have to clean up the shattered wood.

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