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My Pet Illusion

This is a rough sketch of a recurring hallucination I have. He mostly chills behind the tv stand but at night he comes prowling and no matter how many times I’ve seen it, it still scares the hell out of me.

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I never suggested it didn’t exist.

In my mind
You’ll never find me.
Carry provisions
To keep you alive.
Meet the wild dark hatred
That leads deep inside.
In my body
The monster’s the mind
And there’s no hope
That escape will be found.
In my mind
A warm heart dies
And loneliness lives
Entwined in the vines
Of the labyrinth,
No center.
No way in or out.
I’m lost to you and
My final light
Is this poem
Which I’ll burn
If only to keep warm
For a moment.

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The Trees

It may be sunny but
There’s something dark out there.
I’ve smelled it in the bushes.
I’ve heard it in the trees.
Your trusty compass
Won’t work out there.
It will turn you all around.
It will only mislead.
Stay away from the forest
If you value your days.
Your darkest monsters will encroach
And turn your world to blackest maze.

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