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I sleep.

I dream.

I feel nothing.

Take my life

And shove it.

I don’t care.




I turn up

The beat.

I’m incomplete.

My head pounds

And my hands


My only joys

Are fantasy


I pop a pill.

The world

Gets still.




Though something

Within me

Always dies.



Nothing here.

God might

Save me

If he had ears

Or if I 

Could speak.

I’m incomplete.

Broken and torn

To the madness

I’m sworn.

I will


For my will

Is stronger 

Than yours.


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These tracks go on

For a thousand miles.

A wide grin.

A toothy smile.

A bumpy ride

For broken bones

And cavities

Are more than holes.

I’m alone as she

Looks up at me

And turns my frown

To mockery.

The titter tatter

Of the train

That’s spanned my thoughts

For days and days.

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The Levee has Broken

Do I allow myself to cry or

Am I slave to my tears?

I remember it’s been 

So many long years

Since I was numb.

Practically deaf blind and dumb

To the atrocities that buried me.

Oh what a wish for what I could be.

But I can’t.

Seems I’ve lost that skill

And now my heart

Won’t fit the bill 


The slightest sadness

And I hit the floor.

I don’t want to feel.

I don’t want to be,

But the black hands of the world

Have hold of me.

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Chained Melodies

What’s brought on by longing
When it seems that nothing belongs.
When you find you can’t stay strong.
Lost in a drawn out
Melancholy song.


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A Sweeter Song couldn’t have enough Voices

She was strong enough.


She told me,

when the world is all too much,

she draws a deep bath,

draws a deep breath,

and submerges her head. . .

to sing sad songs for her heart.



I would like to try that, but even the sweet reverberation of porcelain has no mercy on my voice.


“The sun shines, but I don’t.

The silver rain will wash away the pain. . .”

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